Sunday, 3 November 2013

A VERY Scary Pumpkin Indeed

Half term week went out with a bang this term, finishing as it did with Halloween and a fireworks display. I have managed to finish a Christmas gift during the week but cannot show it yet so just a brief post from me. I have little more to show than this......

The scariest pumpkin around! And Cruella de Ville without the gorgeous bag that someone made for her last week.

My kids also carved pumpkins for the party:

I forget every year just how much mess is made by the carving!

I managed to squeeze a batch of cakes in, to use up the pink icing I had if for no other reason (do we really need a reason to make cakes?). So as not to scare my sons too much - they don't really go for anything pink - I covered the icing in chocolate strands.

That seemed to do the trick - this lot lasted about 5 minutes.

Next week I hope to bring you photos of a couple of crafty projects that I've been working on that all seem to be being completed at the same time. For now, I'll be linking up with everyone over at Handmade Monday to see what has been crafted this week.

Love Natalie