Sunday, 28 July 2013

I made it through my first craft fair! And I enjoyed every minute. Here are a couple of pictures of our stall.

These are lovely ribbon flowers made by my niece.

Mum's cards were popular as ever and she sold over 150! My sisters jeans bags were really popular too, she sold several of them. And lavender hearts were my most popular seller - I sold........2. And a keyring! Having read so many blogs over the last few months written by people who had had disappointing sales at craft fairs, I really wasn't expecting to sell anything so I was not surprised. Or upset, because the evening was to raise money for charity and so I was more than happy that the table cost (which was shared between the 3 of us) went to a good cause. I did come home with less than I went with - along with the sale of 3 items, my niece took a shine to a few things I had made so she went home with lots of goodies (if you can't make things for your niece, what can you do?). My Mum and Sister had their eyes on the Trugs, so they went to good homes too. As I said, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, chatting to lots of people and is was great to see Mum do so well. I would certainly do one again.

I'll be linking up with Handmade Harbour ( for Handmade Monday, so join me there if you can.

Love Natalie

Sunday, 21 July 2013

As predicted, little crafting has been done this week but on the plus side, I'm still in possession of my wits and my children have made it through the week (though my husband is a little frayed around the edges!).

I was lucky enough to be given some beautiful old curtains that a friend no longer has use of. She had got them second hand herself but the material is so lovely she thought I could probably make them into something, and she wasn't wrong!

Bearing in mind I am having a stall at my first ever craft fair on Friday, I thought I'd whip up a couple more cushion covers. I love making new covers from old fabrics, it seems a great way of giving old fabrics a new lease of life. Even the lining was in good condition so I have tucked that away in my stash as it will definitely come in handy for something.

During the week I'm going to jazz up the roses with the addition of a few seed beads and french knots, what do you think?

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Love Natalie

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The week before last can be summed up in 1 word - Tonsillitis. Consequently, I was neither use nor ornament for what seemed like days, and the backlash of that is that this past week I have been up to my eyeballs in everything that didn't get done! Never mind, I think I'm finally over it - it seems to take a long time to get rid of the tiredness but I'm back up to speed now.

I needed something simple to keep me occupied but not too taxed last week, so I made a pair of baby booties (for no other reason than they are simple and sooo cute).

They will bring a little spot of colour to my stall in a couple of weeks time. And over the last few days I have managed to make 4 quilted boxes in stages (cutting out one day, sewing the next, quilting another etc etc) so I just have to sew down the inside seams and the fold overs.

There is still quite a lot of sport going on around here, and the inevitable end of term, so who knows if I'll get any crafting done this week? If I manage to get all of the children (mine and other peoples) where they need to be on the correct day, that'll be something to cheer about. At least the sunshine is now on full throttle - hurrah! - although could I just state that when I rule the world (you never know.....) I will be banning the sale and use of all paddling/swimming pools for the garden since I think they are the most stress inducing "fun" known to ever mother. Should my children read my blog this week, I would like to state for the record that - I do not want to be splashed/pushed in/dripped on/soaked; you WILL hurt yourself if you jump/slide/run etc despite the fact that you think you know better; the kitchen floor will end up like an ice rink if you pop in for a quick wee; there is no need on the hottest day of the year to utilise every single towel in cupboard. And finally, it will make your eyes water if you stick the jet of water from the hose up your nostril, regardless of what your Dad tells you. Is that OK with everyone?

I shall go and catch up with everyone at Handmade Monday in the evening sunshine. Thank you for all of your lovely comments about the Trugs a couple of weeks ago. Then I'll have a shower and try to dry myself on the lonely flannel that my children and husband have left for me.....

Love Natalie