Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Despite it being really close to Christmas (6 sleeps!!) I have managed to squeeze a little crafting in but nothing finished (as usual) so no photo yet. I've done some more work on the purple pom-pom scarf and I've been doing some cross-stitch letters for personalised key rings (the pattern for which is in the most recent copy of Craftseller Magazine).

The books in the photo are two of the many gifts I received for my birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday to me) - Kirstie's new book and the Liberty Book of Home Sewing. I can't wait to sit down to read them, they are both filled with fabulous projects and beautiful pictures.

And craft also featured in my birthday in the form of this card, lovingly made by my mum.
This is definitely the last post before the new year so Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all!
See you in 2013
Love Natalie

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I would like to tell you that I made this beautiful stocking but I'd be a liar - my sister made it! It is a Buscillia felt kit, rarely found in this country (though you can order on-line) but very popular in America. I started it but found it so fiddly that I really didn't enjoy doing it. Thinking I might have had it finished by next Christmas (I started it in October) I gave up in the end and asked Stevie if she wanted to do it - she returned it to me within a week! Each piece is individually cut, sequined, stuffed and then sewn onto the body of the stocking. Very labour intensive but with a stunning result. You can get stockings, wreaths, tree skirts......all sorts of kits. You can also get a kit of small Christmas characters as well. My parents have just returned from America where they stocked up on the kits for my sister, so we might have a stocking each next year!

I've just received my next issue of Homemaker magazine which is packed full of great ideas. BFF and I discussed not reading magazines this side of Christmas because the January issues seem to be talking about spring and really we would like to enjoy Christmas first! I couldn't resist though, so read it from cover to cover. It's a new magazine (this is issue 2) but it is a great read - lots of ideas of things to make and lots of really interesting articles and interviews with top designers (this month there is an interview with Orla Kiely). I shall be attempting the cosmetic purse featured this month for certain.

Its Christmas school disco time in these parts so I had better go and iron some party clothes - who knew that boys could care so much about their hair and clothing?!!

Love Natalie

Monday, 10 December 2012

With Christmas looming in the not so distant future, I might be a bit "slack" on the blogging front over the next few weeks, so bear with me!

I made some cushion covers yesterday by up-cycling some curtains given to me by a work colleague. They are a bit retro I think, good and thick material (as all good curtains are) and I think they would look great in a little boys bedroom. Despite having three "little" boys, none of them want one as we have fairly recently moved on from space ships. I might put them on eBay but if not, I finally have some "stock" to take to a future craft show - hurrah!

Though I don't think I'll have the time to make them, I saw a fabulous home made Christmas decoration on . Cinnamon Christmas trees - 2 felt Christmas tree shapes decorated with ric rac and buttons, stuck together with a cinnamon stick between as the trunk of the tree - so easy and yet so effective! If I don't make any this year, they are definitely on my list of festive decorations for next year.

Hang on in there folks, only 2 weeks to go.........I'm off to hang a bit more tinsel.
Love Natalie

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I have just returned from a wonderful morning spent with friends - the annual Christmas       "Dressing Gown Day". Log fire, great film (which nobody was watching!) lots of tea, chat and food - mince pies, sausage rolls, chocolates, biscuits, nuts, crisps, I think some pretzels popped up at the end and Krispy Kreme Donuts. Let the Christmas feast begin! It had to end at dog walking time and now, pre school pick up, I thought I'd give you a couple of pictures of items I've worked on over the last few days.

This is the Mini Pom Pom scarf that I was working on last week. It is so soft but I thought it took a long time to knit, and unlike many scarf yarns, one ball wasn't really enough for a scarf. I have sewn the ends together to  make a snood which is beautifully modelled here by BFF. I can't say that I am totally pleased with it but Hazel loves it and another friend has already asked me to make her one so it must be better than I think. I've just started knitting a purple Pom Pom one that I'm hoping will be long enough for me to keep for myself.

This gorgeous cushion was made by Auntie Sarah at the weekend during our sewing machine afternoon. Sarah has a fabulous machine that she'd not used for a year so she needed a reminder lesson and I was only too happy to oblige. She brought along this beautiful material with which she wanted to make a cushion for her Grandma for Christmas and voila! This is the finished article. She made the cover at my house and fixed on the buttons, then took it home to "bling" with some sequins in the birds eyes. It's so pretty, I really love the fabric and she is quite rightly very proud of herself for making such a lovely gift. I had pre-cut some material for cushion covers which I put together on the day - we worked on our machines side by side at the dining table, a real little cottage industry. It was so much fun and definitely an afternoon to be repeated.

I'm off to the school Christmas trading event tonight, which is a craft fair I'd quite like to have a table at in the future. I was offered a table but had to turn it down as I haven't had enough time to make any stock! It is set to be a fun evening with lots of stalls to browse, from jewellery to cards, sewing to cakes. With mulled wine thrown in I believe! More mince pies as well I expect.......
Love Natalie

Monday, 3 December 2012

Today's post will be a catch up one as I think I have (as is often the case!) left a few things incomplete....

Firstly, this photo is of the cushions I was commissioned to make - they actually measure 68cmx68cm - huge! - but look fantastic in situ.

Secondly, this is a picture of the Vampire Duck, made by Archie last week

I may have given a little help doing the french knots but otherwise his own work. I think we've moved on to a zombie surfer dude this week.

And finally, #thepartyoftheyear went off without a hitch on Saturday and these are the cakes that were made by the very talented Other Auntie Sarah. Everybody was so impressed by them they were a little loath to tuck in but we've certainly made a significant dent in the skate ramp since we've been home! The kids all really enjoyed themselves and despite downloading all the current songs as requested, DJ Jazzy Jim had to play YMCA twice - hearing thirty 11 year olds singing this at the top of their lungs and doing the dance was hilarious! The girls were all beautifully turned out and the boys all looked like little cool dudes (is that a real "Mum" thing to say, Dude?). Glad its over    though - now......It's Chriiiiiiisssssssstttttmmmmmasssssssss!
I still have a scarf and a gorgeous cushion to talk about, but that'll have to wait till tomorrow due to the school run.
Love Natalie