Monday, 3 December 2012

Today's post will be a catch up one as I think I have (as is often the case!) left a few things incomplete....

Firstly, this photo is of the cushions I was commissioned to make - they actually measure 68cmx68cm - huge! - but look fantastic in situ.

Secondly, this is a picture of the Vampire Duck, made by Archie last week

I may have given a little help doing the french knots but otherwise his own work. I think we've moved on to a zombie surfer dude this week.

And finally, #thepartyoftheyear went off without a hitch on Saturday and these are the cakes that were made by the very talented Other Auntie Sarah. Everybody was so impressed by them they were a little loath to tuck in but we've certainly made a significant dent in the skate ramp since we've been home! The kids all really enjoyed themselves and despite downloading all the current songs as requested, DJ Jazzy Jim had to play YMCA twice - hearing thirty 11 year olds singing this at the top of their lungs and doing the dance was hilarious! The girls were all beautifully turned out and the boys all looked like little cool dudes (is that a real "Mum" thing to say, Dude?). Glad its over    though - now......It's Chriiiiiiisssssssstttttmmmmmasssssssss!
I still have a scarf and a gorgeous cushion to talk about, but that'll have to wait till tomorrow due to the school run.
Love Natalie

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