Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I would like to tell you that I made this beautiful stocking but I'd be a liar - my sister made it! It is a Buscillia felt kit, rarely found in this country (though you can order on-line) but very popular in America. I started it but found it so fiddly that I really didn't enjoy doing it. Thinking I might have had it finished by next Christmas (I started it in October) I gave up in the end and asked Stevie if she wanted to do it - she returned it to me within a week! Each piece is individually cut, sequined, stuffed and then sewn onto the body of the stocking. Very labour intensive but with a stunning result. You can get stockings, wreaths, tree skirts......all sorts of kits. You can also get a kit of small Christmas characters as well. My parents have just returned from America where they stocked up on the kits for my sister, so we might have a stocking each next year!

I've just received my next issue of Homemaker magazine which is packed full of great ideas. BFF and I discussed not reading magazines this side of Christmas because the January issues seem to be talking about spring and really we would like to enjoy Christmas first! I couldn't resist though, so read it from cover to cover. It's a new magazine (this is issue 2) but it is a great read - lots of ideas of things to make and lots of really interesting articles and interviews with top designers (this month there is an interview with Orla Kiely). I shall be attempting the cosmetic purse featured this month for certain.

Its Christmas school disco time in these parts so I had better go and iron some party clothes - who knew that boys could care so much about their hair and clothing?!!

Love Natalie

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  1. My January red is calling me, I may well have to open that too! Love the stocking! having seen it in the flesh I can understand why you passed it on to Stevie!!