Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Despite it being really close to Christmas (6 sleeps!!) I have managed to squeeze a little crafting in but nothing finished (as usual) so no photo yet. I've done some more work on the purple pom-pom scarf and I've been doing some cross-stitch letters for personalised key rings (the pattern for which is in the most recent copy of Craftseller Magazine).

The books in the photo are two of the many gifts I received for my birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday to me) - Kirstie's new book and the Liberty Book of Home Sewing. I can't wait to sit down to read them, they are both filled with fabulous projects and beautiful pictures.

And craft also featured in my birthday in the form of this card, lovingly made by my mum.
This is definitely the last post before the new year so Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all!
See you in 2013
Love Natalie


  1. You need to frame the birthday card it's beautiful! And I want those books just for display and I would be capable of doing anything in them but they look so cool!!!!

  2. that's meant to say I WOULDN'T be capable lol!!

  3. I received that Liberty book last Christmas from my son and girlfriend - there are some great ideas inside. However, despite being a Kirsty fan, I steered clear of this book after being disapponted with the series. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it though.
    Teresa x

    1. I hate to say it but I agree with you Teresa - this most recent outing by Kirstie has not been as interesting as those she's done before and though the book is lovely, it has fewer "do-able" projects.