Wednesday, 28 November 2012

At last! I've completed my Christmas hearts! I seemed to have made a start on them ages ago but I have finally finished them. They each have a small jingle-bell for a bit of added Christmassy-ness. I only noticed when I had taken the photo that the green stripey one seems to have a slightly awkward looking side but I will just have to hide this little imperfection when placing it on the tree. I have some other hearts cut out and ready to go but have been waiting for a delivery of some ribbon for the hanging loop. I was impatient with the waiting so I started knitting a Rico Mini Pom Pom scarf - now I have another unfinished project on the go! Have you ever made one of these scarves? The pom poms give you a wonderfully soft scarf but, despite there only being 13 stitches per row, it seems to be taking me ages to knit. The large pom pom scarves can be knitted in an hour but I've worked on this for the last two evenings and am only about half way through.
If any experienced (or otherwise) crafters are reading this, how do you keep focused on just one or maybe two projects (rather than having several on the go)? Or do you have lots of different things on the go and then they all come together at once? I've ended up having to turn down a stall at a Christmas fair because I haven't been able to make any stock because of all the Christmas orders I've taken. I'll be going along to the fairs to see what others have been up to so that hopefully next year I'll have time to make some stock and then have a stall of my own. I've been compiling a list in the meantime of things I'd like to make, along with some very amateur drawings of ideas, so I should have plenty to work with.
In the meantime, I'll try and finish the scarf and the hearts before moving onto anything else. Although I have just come across a pattern for a fantastic tote bag......
Love Natalie


  1. I just love these and want you to make me some summery ones after Xmas! Are you coming to the xmas shopping evening at school next Wednesday? I'll be there helping Bee with her Jewellery stall xx

  2. Very pretty hearts! I'm sure they'll look great on the tree.
    I dream of being able to turn down a craft stall becauase of orders. The trouble is, I'm not very good at self-promotion :-)
    Teresa x