Friday, 16 November 2012

I spent a lovely evening catching up with my oldest friend on Wednesday (oldest in that I've known her for ever, my actual oldest friend is someone else who shall remain nameless) and we managed to squeeze in some crafting. There are several Auntie Sarah's in our family and this one is "the one who always brings us something to make" - the children's words, not mine! But she does, and this week was no exception - she arrived with decopatch. Having been given some as a gift by a friend, she knew it would be right up my boys street so after a lovely tea (Pea and Pancetta Risotto courtesy of the ever fabulous Nigella Lawson) we sat down to decorate various tree decorations. I was allowed the shoe as this was far to girlie for any of the boys and I think Sarah nabbed a heart and a star. Predictably, a trip to Hobbycraft is now in order as the boys intend to make every tree decoration this year so we need supplies. I've been making some padded hearts with christmassy materials and have cut out some red felt hearts to make some decorations myself, so our tree should be burdened with a variety of homemade baubles come Christmas day. For the record, I really enjoy decopatch - I'd love to decorate one of the huge giraffes that are available. It is a little expensive but I think its a brilliant way to re-decorate old furniture and boxes and the paper does go a long way. I need to have a go using other papers but I'm not sure it would work so well. The decopatch specialist papers have such beautiful designs that I don't mind using them!
I shall be embarking on cushion covers this weekend, and finishing off another Christmas present. And finishing the hanging hearts. Blimey, the list is endless! Happy weekend everyone!
Love Natalie


  1. How lovely are these! So stylish!!

  2. We did have a really lovely evening and supper was rather delish too! Love old Auntie Sarah xx