Thursday, 8 November 2012

Apologies for no picture today but I had a technological hiccup yesterday - I posted a lovely picture of my birthday present tags (as requested by an avid reader - the only avid reader? the only reader??) and discussed my lack of finished projects - but clearly forgot to click on "publish"! I went straight on to delete the photo, use the labels and then returned later to see if anyone had made a comment and realised my mistake. Never mind - I like the labels so much I will definitely make more so will show you pictures at another time.
Due to the aforementioned lack of completed craft projects, I thought I would plug a fabulous website for anyone looking for a quirky Christmas gift - Now, I know that a tea towel is not everyones ideal present but go to the site and have a look - I first heard of it through and ended up spending ages browsing the site. They aren't cheap but are great quality and certainly brighten up boring kitchen chores. I'd be more than happy to receive one if anyone cared enough to buy one for me!
Love Natalie

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  1. Now Mrs Jones given that I am your best reader at the moment are you hinting that you would like ME to buy you a tea towel?! I've looked at the website and can't say I'm convinced sorry!

    Kirsty was fab tonight, I won't be purchasing a sewing machine anytime soon seeing as you are my own personal seamstress now get on and make me a quilt!!!!!!!!!