Wednesday, 14 November 2012

After my impromptu browse for sewing machines last week, I went and purchased my first sewing machine at the weekend. And very pleased with it I am too. It's only an entry level one as I don't think I'll make use of the 57 stitches available with the next model up, and after having a really good play with it on Sunday, I can honestly say it does everything I was hoping for, plus a few extra things. After practising every stitch I made this little pin cushion as a test project and I think its turned out rather well - so well it has already been snapped up by someone so I shall need to make another one. I also practised making button holes for  ages because I needed to put 2 on my nieces Christmas present:

So, another Christmas present finished. This weekend I will embark on the 4 cushion covers that I need to make for a colleague of my husbands. Lots of buttonholes required as the cushions are 68cmx68cm so I'm thinking 3 buttons per cover. The fabric (an old set of curtains) is beautiful so I'm really looking forward to turning them into some fabulous accessories for their home.
I know it's only Wednesday but roll on the weekend when I'll be able to get back on with my crafting!
Love Natalie

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