Monday, 26 November 2012

I've mentioned several times that papercraft is not really my thing, it's my mums passion, and to illustrate I thought I'd post this picture of some of her creations. I have not only bought my cards but I have written them all as well! You are either congratulating me, thinking how fabulously organised I must be or you are swearing under your breath and calling me unspeakable names - either is acceptable! I know I will run out of time very soon so I have tried to get myself as prepared as possible. That didn't stop me from having a minor wobble on Friday that "Christmas is nearly here don'tcha know and I'll never be ready!", then I reminded myself that its not even December yet so I really ought to calm down dear.
It was the school Christmas fair at the weekend so not a lot of crafting went on. Archie received the Zombie Feltie book for his birthday on Friday so I did manage a little sewing to help him complete a Vampire Duck. He was really glad to receive this present (with all the materials needed to get going) as he has wanted to have a go for ages. His free hand drawing is amazing so he has no need to copy and enlarge the templates, he can just draw his own shapes. My house will soon be adorned with zombified felt creatures! My Christmas tree could end up looking a little Gothic if I'm not too  careful.
My crafting plans this week are to finish the Christmas hearts I've had on the go for ages and to make a couple of cushion covers from the spaceman curtains someone kindly donated to me. That and getting ready for #thepartyoftheyear on Saturday - 3 eleven year olds celebrating their birthdays with all of their friends at a disco before they all go off to Big School next year. I ought not to squeeze too much in before Saturday because I think I might need to conserve some energy! I'm off for a lie-down.......
Love Natalie

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