Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Haha! An interesting start to a craft blog I know but it's always worth giving the "old man" a mention - not least because he is a crafter of sorts himself, making all manner of furniture and decorations (of the Christmas variety) over the years (and he has great skills in printing off inserts for Mum's cards!).

The Easter hols continue at a pace so little crafting has been done around here. I've mostly been food shopping to replenish the cupboards that have been stripped bare by the boys and my husband whilst I've been at work. My turn to stay at home next week so I'm hoping to put the house back to rights and to catch up on the washing! Oh, the joys.

We went to London yesterday to Judy's Affordable Vintage Market at Spittalfields and had a great day out. I can't deny I was slightly disappointed by the market itself - there were lots of vintage clothes and jewellery stalls, not as much bric-a-brac as I was hoping for and only one fabric scraps bins to look through. There were lots of new scarves and T-shirts though! Still, the sun was shining, we went for a walk down Brick Lane and then a wander around Covent Garden and made it home in time to watch the Grand National (and lose in the sweep stake AGAIN).

I thought I'd share a couple of photos of unfinished projects. Firstly, the socks that I'm really not getting along with (I'm hoping for some words of wisdom from my Mum when she comes over for dinner later):

The colour is great and I like the pattern, I'm just totally confused!

And secondly, I started making this cushion cover last year (or maybe the year before, I've lost track) after seeing the pattern in Issue 2 of Knit Now magazine.

It's been a great project to have on the go because I've often just knitted a square when I was twiddling my thumbs of an evening and didn't want to get involved in a complicated pattern, and the back pieces of the cover are simple enough that I can just knit a couple of rows if I get bored. The end might be in sight though - I've nearly finished the second half of the back, then I need to sew it all together. I reckon in another years time it'll be finished!

Whilst finishing off birthday cake, I'll be catching up with everyones blogs over at Handmade Monday this evening. Have a great week - I'm hoping for continued sunshine!

Love Natalie

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  1. Love that pink colour - hope your Mum manages to give you some pointers :-) Sounds like a typical Grand National bet - mine NEVER win - usually they don't even finish! Simmi x

  2. I have to say that it isn't looking a lot like a sock at the moment but I am sure that your Mum will help you out. Mum's always have the answers don't they? I shall be thinking of you whilst I do the same chores as you this week ;) Just hoping we can get out and about a bit more.

  3. I hope your dad enjoyed his birthday. Shame about the vintage Fair, I have often wondered what the Judy's ones were like. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Dad. I love the colour of those socks and really hope your Mum has the answer for you.
    Good luck getting the house back into shape too - amazing how things can slip when you're not in charge!! xxx

  5. Hope your Dad enjoyed his birthday cake! I wandered round Brick Lane markets a few months ago when I went to Renegade. I didn't find anything exciting there either but it was still a great day out!

  6. I hope you get some good advice from your mum about the socks as they look like they're going to be soooo gorgeous!

    Your cushion looks fab too, knitted cushions are the best because they're so soft and cosy :) x

  7. I hope your Dad had a great birthday and he enjoyed the cake.

    Shame about the market, though I'm glad you had a good day in London.

    Your knitting is looking lovely. Can't wait to see the finished items xx

  8. The cushion looks like it will be well worth the wait!

  9. Happy Birthday Natalie's daddy! We are but one day apart!

    You've made me all itchy for a wool WIP…..and so I'm blaming you and only you for the purchase I've just made.

    I really can't wait to see the Union Jack cushion. (I'm even more excited to see it photographed outside in the sun……… it Spring yet?)

    Ali xx