Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ta da!!

One pair of socks!

Fabulous photos taken by number one son.

I'm thrilled with them - I really am! They will be so lovely and warm inside my wellies when the time comes. Even my husband is impressed - he tried one on but whipped it off again before I could take a photo of him wearing something pink. I think I might make an ankle pair just for wandering around the house in - I think you can buy some sort of sticky stuff to give grip on the bottom. And I have a pattern for a lovely patterned pair that I feel more confident about now - I can knit with different colour yarns but I needed practise with the heel and instep. I am quite proud of myself! And I'm certainly glad I've finished them just in time for the flip flop weather....

Enjoy the rest of your week.
Love Natalie


  1. Love the colour of your socks, they look very cosy to wander around in.
    Wendy x

  2. They look brilliant! And so cosy! Think an ankle pair for around the house would be perfect x

  3. I knew you'd get there in the end. Well done !!!!!!! xx

  4. Oh Natalie they look wonderful and I love the colour.
    Well done you, I wouldn't dare try socks.
    Ali x