Thursday, 29 August 2013

Last minute holiday baking.........and shoes!

The end of the holidays is upon us and could there be a better reason to bake cakes? That coupled with the fact that it was BFF's birthday yesterday meant that my oven was in overdrive. A birthday cake had to be baked (obviously)

and because Husband likes a plain sponge with nothing but buttercream to decorate it, I thought I ought to make one that he and the boys could have a slice of (theirs didn't coming with added maltesers though!). But flapjack is my husbands favourite homebake so I thought I ought to make something especially for him

Then it occurred to me that since I had 2 extra children yesterday due to the childcare swap, it was in danger of all being eaten before he had a chance to get a slice. Therefore, I thought I'd make some rainbow fairy cakes for them to scoff with their lunch

There's not a lot left! I'll need to top up my baking supplies at the weekend because I think I'll make some cakes for their lunchboxes next week, just to make going back to school a little easier to deal with.

Could I just (rather randomly) mention shoes during this mid-week get together? I'm quite well known for thinking that my children don't need many shoes (or clothes for that matter) - a pair to wear and a pair of wellies if they're lucky. So where have all the shoes in my house come from??? As I write this, my kids aren't even here (thank you Mum and Dad) and yet I have tidied away 6 pairs from upstairs and I am looking at 3 pairs drying on the patio after they were used during a recent pond dipping expedition. I have bought 10 pairs since the beginning of the holidays and still think I might be at least one pair of footie boots short! I thought not having girls would save me from having a mountain of shoes (I'm a girl with few pairs of shoes herself due to my height and ridiculously large feet) so what has happened? I've lost the plot somewhere along the way I think. But I feel better for having got it off my chest......

Here's to the weekend!

Love Natalie

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