Sunday, 8 September 2013

Halloween? Already?

I subscribe to Craftseller magazine and received my new copy at the end of last week. With it came a brilliant booklet on - things to make for Halloween! It was still August! And sunny! But as soon as my 2 youngest sons saw the front of the booklet (featuring a felt ghost and Frankenstein) they were hooked.

Here is the result:

They went on to make a couple more so that they both have one of each but they were whisked off to Toyville before I had chance to get photos. I am so impressed with them! I didn't do much more than needle threading to be honest so they were rightly proud of their creations. And of course, they are appropriately scary toys for Halloween - only made scarier by the faces being pulled by the creators in this photo:

Honestly! Is it ever possible to take a photo of your children where they aren't gurning in some way or another?

The toys were made over Friday evening and Saturday morning so while I sat next them to offer advice and assistance when needed, I tackled a project from my Want To Do List. When Wendy at Handmade Harbour did a tutorial for a scissor keeper back in February I thought it was wonderful and though I don't necessarily have a place to hang one, it went onto the list. And hey presto!

I am SO pleased with it! Wendy's tutorial was so easy to follow and I enjoyed ever minute of making it. I do most of my crafting at the dining table, decanting all of my stash from a linen box and a set of drawers that are close by. I realised that I had the perfect spot to hang the scissor keeper whilst I'm crafting - the linen box sits behind my favoured chair and I usually leave the lid up whilst I'm "working" so...


And then, because I love these kinen fabrics, I decided to make a needle case  that would match my scissor keeper and Trug.

I hope everyone else is as pleased with their makes this week as I am! And relieved that the kids have finally gone back to school (we love them really!).

I'll be linking up with Handmade Monday to see what you've all been up to!

Love Natalie


  1. I saw the toys in Craftseller too. They've done a really great job.

  2. Gosh, the boys have done really well with their sewing skills. Good to start them early!

  3. Those are great makes - that's the sort of thing mine would have loved doing when they were little!

  4. What very clever boys you have, the Halloween toys are fab! Great to hear they're not afraid to get stuck in to a bit of sewing, it will stand them in good stead for when they're older :)

    Your scissor holder is really cute and i looove the linen you've used for the needle case! x

  5. Great spooky makes and well done to your boys for following in your craft footsteps. Lovely scissors holder too xx

  6. Your halloween makes look great and the scissors holder is wonderful. I will have to popover to Wendy's and make myself one.
    Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  7. Great makes from all of you :)

    I do love that linen with the sewing machine and thread

  8. Your boys Halloween monsters look wonderful and I adore your needle case the fabric is lovely.

  9. You must be so proud of your boys, its great for them to be able to create things by themselves. I love your scissor holder and the fabric you've used too.

  10. That is a great idea for a scissor holder! I need something for my quilting rulers....maybe I should adapt it one way or another....!

  11. They look fab, I love craftseller and I always pinch mum's copy when it comes through the letterbox!
    In a Pickle