Friday, 7 February 2014

Little Blog Quilt Bee

I feel like I'm taking a huge leap this week and I've joined a Quilt Bee! It's for people with Little Blogs and has been organised by Lou at I've never done anything like this before and can only keep my fingers crossed that I can sew as well as the other ladies! I've had a look at their blogs and lets just say their work is AMAZING. Where would be if we stayed within our comfort zone though, eh?

So, I'd like to introduce the blogs of my fellow Bee-ers - check out their blogs if you can to see some amazing quilting. And I will keep you posted on my progress as we go along.

Heidee at

Claire at

Rosanne at

Joanna at

Alison at

Gina at

Jenny at

Celine at

Sheila at

Nessa at

Celine at

Wish me luck!

Love Natalie


  1. Hi there! Looking forward to working with you too! Should be a fun project!

  2. Yey! Well done in getting your post up about the bee! Look forward to sewing with you!

  3. Hello! Really looking forward to the bee! Agreed it is definitely a leap beyond the comfort zone, but that's half the fun right?

  4. I'm sure you'll have a great time being part of this bee. I did one a couple of years ago and it was lovely getting know more fellow quilters. It's taken a while but I've just about finished the quilt from it (just the binding to add).
    Teresa x

  5. Hiya! *waves* :D
    It's going to be so much fun!
    H x

  6. How incredibly exciting! You are going to have such a good time! x