Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Block and a Swap

In the Little Blog Quilt Bee, it's Celines turn to be Queen Bee this month, and she asked for a Pineapple Block. I've not made one of these before, and have not tried paper piecing before so this was a real test of my skills! I tried a practice block and just about got the hang of it, so cut out the fabric for the real version and........

Ta da! I'm quite chuffed with it, everything seems to be in the right place. My measuring was even pretty good. Celine has received it now so I'm happy to share it. I've really enjoyed trying something new and think I might have a go at more blocks like this.

This week I've also signed up for a swap. Those of you on Instagram may have seen the sign ups for the Little Quilt Swap, organised by Sarah Fielke.

I'm all set to go! My book has arrived in the post (each mini has to be one of the patterns in Sarah's recent book) and I've got the details of my swap "partner". Now just to select which quilt to make and make some fabric choices - what could be easier? Eeeekkk!! The pressure! I'm really looking forward to getting on with it, and it's wonderful to know that someone out there in the world is going to make something for me! I may not be able to think about this project properly until next week because I'm going to the Handmade Fair on Saturday and I'm just a tiny bit excited. I'm taking part in the Pom-Pom challenge, I'm going to the talk with Kirsty and Kaffe Fassett (I love his work!) and I'm taking a sewing class with Stuart Hillard. I'll try and take lots of photos to share.

I hope your week is equally exciting!

Love Natalie

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