Sunday, 24 February 2013

Some finished projects.....

It seems like ages since I've posted on my blog (a whole 10 days!) as I was missing in decorating action last weekend. This weekend has heavily featured sick children (and the sniffles for me) but I have managed to complete a couple of projects, that in combination made up to a 4 piece "order" for a friend of a friend.

A couple of the items were things I've made before - a dish cloth and a tooth fairy cushion. I have a few outstanding orders for these so had to make quite a few.

I actually made another 3 after I'd taken this photo as I realised I hadn't made enough! I really like this new fabric that I've bought for these little cushions - it's a lovely colour, and is really soft.
I also finished the bunting that was requested:

And I also finished the carrier bag dispenser.

Having made the "pattern" from scratch, based on one that BFF has, I am really pleased with it. I basically made a tube from some calico, appliqued the heart decoration and then used elastic through the hem at the bottom and some ribbon through the hem at the top so that it can be hung up. It was very simple but is very effective.

I had hoped to do some more sewing today but time has conspired against me. My sewing machine afternoon with Auntie Sarah had to be cancelled due to all of the bugs lurking in my house - we have rescheduled so as not to miss out on some much needed catch-up time. I had made a Cadbury Mini Creme Egg cheesecake ready for her arrival so I'll have to make another one now - just as well, as it was eaten before I had chance to take a photo of it to show you all!

I also made some chocolate brownies this weekend. I am hopeless when I make these. They always end up far too soft (almost runny) in the middle. What am I doing wrong? The edges were OK but the middle so soggy I actually put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes but it still wasn't right.

Not that anyone seemed to mind - aside from eating the brownie from the tin it was added to a few bowls of ice cream on Saturday evening. But I'd like to get it right first time. More practise I guess (shame, eh?).

I'll be linking this post to Handmade Monday so join me there if you can to catch up on what everyone else has been up to this week.

Have a great week - I hope we all warm up a bit (and I hope this darn snow stops).

Love Natalie


  1. Brownies are best when they are all squidgy so don't try too hard ;) I love your tooth fairy pillows - the fabric is perfect for them. I hope the bugs all retreat this week leaving you free to have a good week :)

  2. Such an array of pretty makes - you've been really busy. Gingerbread is my 'practice makes perfect' project - it took quite a few attempts but unlike your brownies, the failures weren't edible! Squidgy brownies look really good, especially with ice cream!

    1. I also struggle with gingerbread - I don't know if I commented in a blog post about it but the last time I made gingerbread cookies I managed to leave out the ginger!

  3. All your makes look lovely. I'm sure the brownies were lovely, but you now have the perfect excuse for making more!

  4. Those little cushions are really pretty. Bunting looks great and the bag tidy is a good way to use up bits of fabric will look nice hanging in the kitchen/pantry. The brownies look nice, sorry I can't help you with the soggy bits but I bet it tasted good!

  5. your tooth fairy cushions are adorable, no wonder they're in such demand! :)

    I love the idea of the bag dispenser and yours looks so cute with its little hearts :)

    brownies look delicious, I'm not too sure they need improving! I read somewhere once that the key to baking is balancing the wet and dry ingredients - reducing the wet results in a dryer bake - hope this helps!! x

  6. OMG those brownies look to die for, the squidgier in the middle the better as far as I am concerned!!! And the crafty bits are so beautiful!!!

  7. So sorry to see you have had sickly children, such a worry! Brownies, could be an oven temperature thing - heat too high so cooking at sides and not middle. Are you using a fan oven? Try slightly lower temp and try two smaller tins. Or try another recipe look on blogger and google. Go for one with lots of votes from other users. Thanks for visiting my blog and your encouraging comments. x Joan

  8. The cushions are lovely and so is the bunting! I like the carrier bag holder too, I may have a go at making one myself as I am in desperate need of somewhere to store all of mine.
    As far as brownies go, I use a Nigella recipe and they come out just right every time. xx

  9. Brownies are supposed to be soft and squidgy in the middle so you've nearly got it right. What recipe were you using. Your cheesecake sounds yummy !!!!

    I just love the tooth fairy cushions.

  10. I love your tooth fairy cushions they're a lovely idea and I want the fabric you've used for the hearts on the the bag carrier, it's gorgeous. Oh your brownies look just like mine and they still get eaten. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  11. I really like the tooth fairy pillows. The carrier bag dispenser is a great idea too!