Sunday, 27 October 2013

My First Tutorial!

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week about my gift tags. I realise that many of you have paper crafting skills that far exceed my own but Gertie asked how I had made them so here is a mini tutorial:

This is a selection of free papers that came with Craftseller magazine early this year. Each page is double sided and you get one side with greetings. I chose which greetings I wanted to use and carefully cut them out, and then chose which paper I was going to use.

I bought some plain parcel labels from Amazon and my Mum kindly gave me this sticky stuff dispenser that she uses in her card making. As you can just about see in this picture, I ran the glue around the edges of the label.

You then place the label sticky side down onto the paper that you want to use. As I said, these pages are double sided so although this pattern is lovely, I'm actually using the other side. You then carefully cut around the label.

I then put the glue along the edges of the greeting that I wanted to use.

Voila! Couldn't be simpler really although I was surprised when Mum showed me just how easy this was.

You could obviously embellish the labels further with crystals, buttons, ribbons - whatever your stash allows. And I have a stamp that I will use on the back that says "To.......... From..........". I just need to finish making the presents now, then I can wrap and label them!

In other crafty news, for Think Pink week at work, we've been wearing Pink shirts and eating pink cakes so I made a contribution.....

I intended to make some cakes with pink butter icing but I was a little heavy handed with the food colouring!

The boys didn't care though.

I also made a quick bag for a friend to go with her Halloween costume - she's going as Cruella De Ville!

It's just a quick and easy drawstring bag for her to keep her camera in. I can't wait to see her fully dressed - I managed to get myself invited to the party too and will look gorgeous in a pumpkin outfit!

It being Sunday, I'll be linking up with the other crafters at Handmade Monday ( Lets all gather around the Internet to think lovely, crafty thoughts while the storm is in full swing!

Love Natalie


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I do hope that isn't made from puppy fur!

    1. No!! Although people have been giving us funny looks when we've been asking if anyone has a small dalmation that we could borrow....

  2. Great tutorial. I'm looking forward to seeing you and your daughter in your Halloween costumes!

  3. Lovely gift tags - many thanks for the tutorial. Love the cakes too. Hope you have a good week.

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  4. I'd never thought of making gift tags, but that's a fabulous idea and a great tutorial too.

  5. I love that your hands have made their debut!!!! Next.....your face???

  6. great tutorial - really simple and effective. Love the Cruella bag!

  7. Good tutorial, I never think of doing labels. They look lovely

  8. Thanks for taking the time to do the tutorial. I'm hopeless when it comes to paper craft but it doesn't look too scary, even for a novice like me !!!! xx

  9. Thanks for the instructions Natalie. I had to cover some of my previous labels when I wanted to amend them, so I followed your example and used my craft papers (which are also the ones from Craftseller).
    Teresa x

  10. Great tutorial - thanks. The bag looks fab too, will we see pictures?

  11. Super tags and yummy cakes. I've had a quick peek at your blog and I can see you're a woman of many talents! Thanks for coming to visit me. Xx

  12. thank you for the tutorial, i love your tags and that sticky dispenser looks like a nifty item, i feel i need one now! :)

    i hope we're going to get a peek of you as a pumpkin next week! x

  13. The tags look fab, I personally think you can never have to bright a pink!