Sunday, 13 October 2013

No rest for the wicked!

Would you all like to remind me that I was the person longing to get the kids back to school so that some normality (whatever that is) and structure could resume. Oh how I long for the holiday days, where no-one has a club/friend for tea/sleepover/late kick off footie match! I'm as prepared as the next person for the growing up of my sons but........ my brain is about to explode trying to co-ordinate who is where, when, and how. Add into the mix the odd birthday and the chance for me to do anything I might like to before I fall asleep in front of a TV programme that I REALLY wanted to watch is slim. Hence not a lot of crafting to report on.

Like all good multi-taskers, I have managed to squeeze a little bit in. I have made 2 Quilters Trugs, one for a friend's Gran's 99th birthday and 1 for BFF.

I have also been working on the shawl I've been asked to make for the aforementioned Gran, and I have started work on the ***** that I'm making for ****** for Christmas. I have a couple of other gifts to make too, and I have also bought some parcel labels which I intend to turn into fabulous gift tags having had a quick paper crafting lesson from my Mum. I hope to find the time anyway!

Finally, I'd like to share a photo of the cake number 2 son wanted for his birthday.

Buttercream and Tangfastics - what more could a 10 year old ask for?

I hope you've been having a rather less chaotic week than me. Join me over at Handmade Monday for a quiet catch up on all things crafty.

Love Natalie


  1. I know just how you feel. When everyone's home you wish they were back at school and then they're back at school and you don't know whether your coming or going. Oh I used to dread that 'can someone come for tea?' question. As it was asked nearly everyday at primary school. On your crafting front the quilters trug looks really pretty and I think buttercream and tangfastics are an excellent choice for a cake.
    Ali x

  2. Oh yes I remember those feelings - there was never enough time for it all and with 3 of them all doing different things it was exhausting! You've not done too badly on the creative front though despite all the other stuff! Lovely quilter's trug and great cake. x

  3. Wow, are you sure there's only one of you?!! Both the trug and cakes look fantastic. Its so lovely that you find time to make such gorgeous things for friends and family despite the chaos :) x

  4. I sympathise with you 100%. I only hope my son has a sensible choice of birthday cake for his 10th next year (I fear it may be a bit more complicated!)

  5. I do like your spotty trug. Very smart. Great that you have got going with your Christmas gifts. I always leave it very late, and then have a mild feeling of panic.

  6. Lovely makes this week - especially the spotty trug. The cake looks yummy. Hope you have a good week.

  7. I love the fabric on your trug, it sounds like you are really busy! Half term is only a couple of weeks away, so you can look forward to a slight 'rest' from all the after school activities.

  8. Yay, the joys of motherhood :)
    I like the *** you're making for *** I too am in the process of making *** for *** I'm also doing a !!!! for ???
    I could do with a slice of yummy cake but I don't suppose there is any left? :)

    Jan x

  9. Gosh I'm worn out !!!! At least you managed to get some crafting done.
    Cake looks very yummy.... xx

  10. The idea of buttercream and tangfastics made me smile, just the perfect mix! :)