Sunday, 26 January 2014

Just a quickie!

I made this quick and simple cross stitch to put a smile on BFF's face each morning. It was a pattern from this months Sew magazine, and I just quickly mounted it on some card, and my Mum made the border using her machine.

 For once I need make no apology for the photo because I didn't take it! I forgot to take one before I gave it away so had to get BFF to take a picture for me.

I don't have much more to report this week as most of my weekend has been taken up with continued efforts to sort our loft and list things on eBay (a thankless task if ever there was one - I've spent about 4 hours listing , emailing and wrapping for a sum total of about £10). During the week, I did sort my Aran Cardigan fiasco - I ordered some new patterns from Deramores and have started another cardie that has a far more manageable pattern for my small brain.

I shall be linking up with Handmade Monday, to bask in the glow of everyone else's crafting successes this week. Join me if you can.

Love Natalie 


  1. Lovely card, i hope the bff loved it :P good luck with the cardi!

  2. Aww such a sweet gift for your bestie :) Glad to hear you're onto cardigan mark two, i'm sure it will be wonderful! x

  3. Lovely embroidery and good you're not beaten by that cardigan pattern ;) x

  4. Lovely embroidery and a really thoughtful gift too, I'm sure it makes her smile every day.

  5. Well done with the Ebaying! You are so good! x

  6. What a beautiful gift for a friend, glad to hear you sorted the cardigan fiasco, good luck with the latest pattern x