Saturday, 18 January 2014

Quilt Block Progress

I've been making good progress on the quilt blocks this week - I'm not sure it can last! I asked my husband to give me a lesson in measuring and cutting last week as he spends his working life doing the same (though metalwork and cables rather than fabric!). I think this has really helped because the blocks that I've done this week seemed to have been sewn together more easily, and yesterday I cut out the fabric for 3 more blocks so I'm quite proud of myself!

I also finished a baby cardigan for a work colleague who is due in early March. I've used this pattern many times before - it is really quick and easy to knit and is so cute. To be fair, my mum always sews them up for me as I'm not very neat! Vidhya doesn't know if she's having a girl or a boy so I went with bright, multicolour pockets to suit both.

Join me over at Handmade Harbour to catch up on this weeks crafting. 
Have a great week,
Love Natalie 


  1. The quilts are looking good and, oh my word, how cute is that cardi???! x

  2. Just love those pockets!!

  3. An adorable cardi, and great pattern blocks - I thought it was just me that had trouble cutting things straight, glad I'm not totally alone.

  4. Wow you're making fantastic progress with the quilt blocks! So lovely that your hubby helped out too :)

    The cardi is adorble, the perfect pressie and beautifully made :) x

  5. Very lovely quilt blocks:) Perhaps I should get my husband to give advice re precise cutting (he used to be a printer in the days pre computers)

  6. well done on more blocks- looking good! love the cardi!! so cute and love the pockets- what needle size did you use? x

  7. Loving the colour combinations, your blocks are much better than I could ever do :)
    The 'ickle cardi is adorable :)

    Jan x

  8. I love making baby clothes, and call me old fashioned, but baby's look best in white.

    You seem to be coming along great guns with your patch working so well done. I wish I could get triangle points as good as that !!!! xx