Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mary Berry Tray Bake

My husband very kindly bought me the new Mary Barry cookbook recently and it is filled with wonderful recipes. I've only used it to make 1 thing so far (although I have made it twice) - the chocolate tray bake.

Before I share a really awful photo with you, let me tell you this - it is delicious. I mean, REALLY delicious. That's why I've made it twice. Don't make one and think you'll have a piece later, because there will be none left. I won't give the recipe details here - who could explain it more concisely than Mary? But I urge you all to search out this recipe (the whole book if I were you!) and get baking.

Are you ready for the photo? Prepare yourself.

Not only is it not a great photo of the cake, but number 3 son thought it would be hilarious to feature in the background. I can only apologise.

Love Natalie


  1. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.... xx

  2. The cake looks great and I love your son's photobombing. Sometimes they just can't help themselves can they!