Sunday, 6 April 2014

WIP Completion

I've had a great week on the crafting front - WIP's #1 and #2 finished! Not that I number my WIP's in particular, these 2 just happen to be the first to be finished for a little while. So, in no particular order, #1.....

My cardigan. It turned out beautifully in the end. Great colour, lovely pattern.......doesn't fit. I had realised it was going to be too small when I was just over half way through. What do you do? Frog it and start again? Or continue to the end and gift it to someone? I went with the latter option. So here it is modelled by it's new owner.

I'm going to buy some more wool and make it bigger because when I see Sarah wearing it, I realise how much I like it.

And #2

This cushion cover just might be my favourite make so far. I love the colours, the quilting, the star pattern - everything. I used some of the left over material that I bought for the backing of The Quilt to make the back of the cover, and inserted a zip.

I had originally intended to use a different, red material for the back hence the red zip. The zip itself is not perfectly inserted but since I've not done it before, I'm more than happy with how it's turned out.

Having completed 2 WIP's, I've started about 3 more this week! Well, what's a girl to do?

I'll be linking up with Handmade Harbour to see if anyone else has completed their projects this week.

Love Natalie 


  1. Fabulous cushion colour ! I love every bit of it as well - and the spiral FMQ !! I want one! Am off to my stash right now!!

  2. They are both gorgeous, Natalie, and the good thing is that the cardi should be much quicker second time around, now you're familiar with the pattern. Don't forget to show us the next one! Have a good week x

  3. Lovely makes. I think crafty people should always have lots of WIPs on the go!

    Have a great crafting week,

  4. What a gorgeous cardi! I bet its luck recipient is glad you mis-judged the sizing :)

    Such a pretty cushion too, how did you do the circular pattern of the quilting sooooo neatly! I think it would have made me dizzy! :/ x

  5. Beautiful cushion - great quilting:) and amazed you have the patience to knit a cardigan, I'm struggling to find the motivation to finish a jumper for my three year old!

  6. How kind of you to give the cardigan to your friend. Most people would have pulled it out and started again. It's a lovely pattern so I can see why you want to make another one for yourself.

    Your cushion is gorgeous and I love the spiral quilting xx

  7. Love the cushion. The bright colours and the spiral are especially cool.

  8. You've got to make yourself a cardi, it looks fab. Lucky friend. Your cushion is delicious, I absolutely love the colours, it's wonderful.
    Ali xx

  9. The cardigan looks lovely and I completely understand why you will be making a bigger version. The cushion is really stunning and the spiral quilting is so neat. I love it

  10. Lovely work, but the cushion is my favourite. Absolutely gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  11. The spiral detail on your cushion is awesome, it looks totally flawless. Your cardi is lovely too, I can see why you want one.

  12. That cushion is wonderful. I love the extra detail the spiral stitching has given it.