Sunday, 6 July 2014

Plush Addict Open Day

I'm lucky enough to live withing driving distance of the Plush Addict warehouse so I went along to one of their occasional open days yesterday. Wow! What a selection! It was wonderful to touch and feel so many of the gorgeous fabrics that I have admired in magazines and on the internet lately  (and flattering to get a round of applause for being the first person there!).

This is a picture of the goodies I bought. There was also some grey jersey that is still in the bag that can just about see in the right of the picture ( it's a lovely storage bag that came free when you spent 'ahem' - a "certain" amount of money).

Keen to get on with some sewing after last weeks lull, I was up at the crack of dawn today and managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of cutting out before I needed to help out with some gardening (I now have blisters on my hands - I should definitely stick to sewing!). I intend to get down to some serious sewing business on Wednesday. The to sew list goes as follows:
- July's block for the Bee
- Augusts block
- Teachers gifts
- Baby bootees (I'm really excited about these, I'm making them with the zebra print and lime green plush fabrics you can see in the photo)
- really cute button snowman Christmas tags that I saw on Pinterest the other day!

Let's see how much I've done by this time next week......

Love Natalie 

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