Saturday, 5 July 2014

Queen Bee Demands!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. This post is all about the block my fellow Little Blog Quilt Bee-ers will be making me during August, but feel free to read on and discover how useless I am at giving instructions!

Where has the time gone? I really can't believe we're already charging through July and I need to post my requirements for my block for August. When we started the Bee I thought I'd like a log cabin block as I had never done one but as the months have gone on, I've been pushed further and further outside of my comfort zone and I've changed my mind - I'd like a Ric Rac block please.

This is a photo of the block featured in this months Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine and though I've been thinking about a chevron quilt for a while, it wasn't until I received the magazine that I realised that this would be a great Bee block.

So, my requirements are these: could I have a 12.5" square block with 2 'red' stripes on white background. I say 'red' as they don't have to be solids, you could use red patterns, and mix and match if you want to. I've bought a selection of reds today that I will be using:

I have 1 slight problem - instructions for making the block. I tried to find a really good tutorial but didn't manage to find one. I'm going to make my block following the magazine instructions (although I won't paper-piece my HST's) but I realise that not everyone gets the mag. Everything depends on whether or not you are using a mixture of reds or just one. You need to end up with 16 3.5" HST's. So by my calculations, that's 4.5" squares of white and red combination - I guess if you're using more than 1 print then each square will make you 2 of the 16 total. Am I making any sense?!!! At least 1 of you will be able to explain this far better than me so feel free to elaborate in the comments. I have literally been losing sleep with the excitement of making these blocks and receiving them all, and now that I have to ask you to make them, I'm hopeless!

I'm really looking forward to getting on with some sewing - starting with Claire's block for July - and have been to the Plush Addict open day today to stock up. I think my sew-ers block is over, so I'm off to get my machine out!

Love Natalie 


  1. Great choice!
    I have the magazine, so don't you worry about the instructions! As long as each HST has a finished measurement of 3.5" we should be right. fingers crossed!

  2. Most excellent! I do love red! I won't be getting the magazine this month but I'm pretty sure I can figure something out... just not right now because I should have gone to bed ages ago! :oD

    I'm very excited about your block!! x

  3. I bought the magazine yesterday. I must have known you were going to pick this block. One question, do you want each stripe in the same fabric or can we scrappy them xxxx

  4. Natalie, do me a favour and email me your address as I've lost it. Your block is all ready to go xxx