Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Perfect Day

It exists! I've had it today! I did all the boring things in life yesterday so that today I could indulge myself completely - and I have! Where would we be without a small amount of washing, ironing and cooking but I don't expect miracles.
It began with an early morning cuppa and a couple of chapters of a new book which I had been keeping as a holiday read - too much temptation so I started it today. Then onto the sewing machine which was all set up yesterday, with some projects for completion all laid out last night (I'm too organised!). Sewing punctuated with cups of tea and a sneaky chapter of a good book ( Book of Life by Deborah Harkness if you were wondering) - the Perfect Day.

Now I face a dilemma......I have embarked upon a quilt for number 3 son, made up of HST's using bold vs solid. Good so far. I laid them all out on my bed to try and put them in order and thought an rainbow-ish effect would be good.

 Just to be sure, I then tried a random placement.

I REALLY like 1. Guess which one Henry likes?

So what do I do? Do I sew it up in a way that he likes but that I'm not keen on? Or go with my version because I think it looks better? Don't think I haven't already considered option 3 which is make the one he wants then make another the way I want it.....

Your thoughts would be most welcome!

My other sewing completion of the day is the cutest pair of baby bootees I've ever seen, even if I do say so myself! Actually, I made 2 pairs.

They're made with the beautiful plush fabric I bought at Plush Addict a couple of weeks ago and they're are gorgeous! The pattern is from My cousin has just had her second baby so a pair will be sent off to her as soon as I can stop myself from stroking them.

I'll be joining up with Handmade Monday to see if anyone else has had a great day!

Love Natalie


  1. I think I prefer your arrangement, but it is a tricky question, as I guess the customer is always right. I love the natural look of the baby booties. At first I thought I was looking at a pea or bean pod.

  2. Hmm dilemma! I'm sure either quilt will look fab, but must admit the rainbow version would get my vote!

  3. I think that I prefer number one too, although the random pattern of number two is also lovely...I see your dilemma! Love the bootees too, wish I had feet small enough to wear them/someone with little feet to make them for!

  4. I think the first one is definitely better, but if you're making it for him then I guess is has to be his way (and of course you can make another one later using your first plan) The booties are adorable.

  5. I'd go with Henry's choice (I assuming Henry is the son the quilt is for though) If it's his quilt he will love it all the more for it being the version he picked. Then like you say, make another rainbow quilt another time for you!

  6. Yay for perfect days! They do come along once in a while don't they, ahhhh, bliss.... :)

    I sympathise with your quilt dilemma, i hate decisions like that...after some consideration though i think if the quilt if for your boy then he should probably have the final say... i'm all for you creating another one the way you want it though! :)

  7. Hmmm thats tricky. I agree the first arrangement is so much better! As long as he will actually use your version, then go for it, Mummy knows best ;-)

  8. I am a rainbow girl myself!!! I love the first one! Those booties are adorable!!! I love the fabric choice! xx

  9. I like the rainbow one but the random is a lot of fun too. Sew the one he likes, he is more likely to want to go and snuggle up under it if he likes it.

  10. Perfect days are few and far between and all the more enjoyable because of that. I like the random placement design for the quilt because every 'bit' catches your eye - the other one finds your eye just drawn to parts of it. Gorgeous colours. Hope you have a good week.

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  11. I actually think both look pretty good, but if I were choosing I'd totally go for no.1. Being that the quilt is for your son though, I'd be inclined to make it up to his preferences. Good luck with your decision.