Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Remember I was talking about hearts earlier on in the week? Here are the red felt ones that I made and (even if I do say so myself) they are lovely! I'm really pleased with them and want to hang them all over the house (I don't think I'll get away with it). I think different coloured felt and buttons would be really nice too so I'm going to use some turquoise felt and some of the gorgeous green buttons that came with all my Tilda goodies to make some more.

I also made some hearts with the purple material left over from the cushions I made to order last year

For the first time ever I sewed the hearts on the sewing machine and I think my accuracy leaves something to be desired because the shape is a little off. Never mind, they were fun to make and purple is my favourite colour! They can be added to the pile (pile? I'm not sure that 1 mug hug constitutes a pile) of things I have made that I might take to a craft fair. We'll see.......

I'm determined to finish some of the personalised key rings that I've been working on at the weekend, and over the next couple of evenings I need to work out a pattern to add a name to the mug hug I made last week so that it can be given as a personalised birthday present - how thoughtful! I also need to work out the pattern to put Best Teacher on them but I think I've mentioned that before.

As a total aside, I took part in a market research project last night for a "meat substitute" company hoping to break into the vegetarian market. It was a brilliant evening (I would say it was Such Fun but since one of my fellow market researchers apparently thought I was Miranda-esque and I used the phrase "what you would call...." when talking to my Dad yesterday, I'll leave it at brilliant). My big question is this - when is meat-free meal vegetarian? For example, if I have cheese and onion quiche for dinner, am I eating a vegetarian meal? And do food items such as a cheese and onion bake need to be labelled as meat free when they clearly shouldn't contain meat in the first place? There's every chance that I was a researchers nightmare last night with all my goings on. Still, it earned me some money to put into the Craft fund which is especially handy as I'm going to a Quilters fair in Ardingly in a couple of weeks.

So it's Thursday tomorrow, the end of the first "normal" week is nearly here. Just when we'd got back into the swing of things, we might have to contend with snow next week. Such Fun!

Love Natalie

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  1. Such fun! I know someone who would definitely like the purple hearts! The great meat free debate! Surely if you are vegetarian just eat vegetables with some dairy surely it's not rocket science, why would you want to eat something that looks and tastes like meat? I don't really get it!!!!!! How gutted am I that I couldn't make it to that one we would have had such fun!!