Monday, 14 January 2013

Welcome to what is said to be the most miserable day of the year! Personally, I am my usual chipper self(!) but somebody somewhere decided that today was the most depressing day of any year. I can't say that I wouldn't prefer to be bathed is sunshine rather than this torrential rainthatissupposedtobesnow but at least we aren't snowed in - I love a bit of snow but tire of it quite quickly.

I have had a very productive weekend on many levels. Friday evening started last this....

Jam tarts and fairy cakes to keep the boys going for about 5 minutes. Could I just apologise for the very shoddy tarts - some were made in a cake tray and I didn't put enough jam in these, and some were done in a mini-muffin pan and these seem to have too much pastry. Neither of these things stopped Henners from saying I make the best jam tarts EVER - high praise indeed from a seven year old! Around these parts, there really is no point making sure food looks presentable because it is eaten so quickly.

On Saturday I completed the cushion I've been making as a birthday present....

and I did some more work on the keyrings (they do exist, really they do!). I have finished one but George has already nabbed it for his school bag so I will add photos when I've finished the others. And I also made a couple more of the purple hanging hearts but this time I cut them out with pinking shears and hand sewed them - and put some lavender in with the stuffing -  Happy Birthday Belinda! I hope you like your gift.

I also knitted this tiny little purse to kill some time on Saturday night (I really should get out more)

It really is rather small but is quite cute so I might make some more. My sister is a whizz at crochet flowers so I may get her to make some to decorate further efforts with.

And to finish up, here are photos of the mug hug I was asked to make - I had to work out a "pattern" to knit the name in and I can't say that it's perfect - I used DK rather than chunky wool so it came up a little small but it was a good effort. And also a photo of the cushion I made Mum for her birthday.

Phew! Believe it or not I also managed to squeeze in a life amongst doing all that as well.
Now I must go and prepare the washing machine for the onslaught of 2 very dirty rugby kits that will be coming home in an hour or so. Just a tad muddy I expect!
Love Natalie



  1. There are some lovely makes here -I especially love the bunny cushion. Well done on fitting in a life too - that's where I usually fall down! ;-)

  2. I too like the bunny cushion. The button on the purse finishes it off really well although some crocheted flowers would make a nice addition too (I found a pattern for a knitted flower on ravelry which is on my blog if you are interested?)Can't believe that you will be able to make as many things this week but I look forward to seeing what you do manage :)

  3. Hi Natalie, WoW you have been busy !! It's so true when hungry little mouths are ready for goodies who cares what they look like ! I just LOVE your cushions ! (made a cushion cover myself today, may blog about it tomorrow !) Siubhán x x x

  4. Wonderful makes. I love both the cushions, so pretty. There is nothing better than a homemade jam tart, I can tell from the photo they tasted great. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x