Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ta da! Finished keyrings. I know they are small and I seem to have been working on them for ages but they have had to be done in stages. Cross stitching the initials has been a really enjoyable "quick" activity during the evenings when I've not had a lot of time to spare. I thought I would work out a little house drawing and one of a shed (and maybe a car?) and add those to the "collection" so I will certainly make some more.

I finally organised an order to place with Fabricland ( earlier this week so am really hoping that my plastic make-up bag lining arrives by the weekend because I'm really excited about finally having all the materials to practise making these small bags. Bags are something I really want to have a go at but my fabric stash mainly consists of fat quarters so I need to wait until I have meters of fabric. A make up bag seems do-able so that's where I'm going to start.

I'm going to spend some time with the daughter of a friend this weekend because she is really keen to perfect her knitting skills and generally wants to do some sewing. We've talked about a few little projects we could work on (like the knitted purse and keyrings) but I think the list of things she could make is endless as she is so keen. So this blog may feature a guest contributor every now and then in the future!

I've had such a productive week for one reason or another so I hope the snow (if it finally gets here) isn't so disruptive as to ruin it. So happy snow man building to all, I'll post again when we start thawing out again next week.

Love Natalie


  1. Firstly I am highly disappointed you have not made on of the keyrings for me and secondly I am so disappointed that you did not arrange the keyrings in to a funny word!!!!!!

  2. What a great idea I just love them.