Monday, 7 January 2013

So here it is - Monday 7th January 2013, the day everything goes back to normal. At last! Some structure, less mess, fewer drinks and hopefully a lot less food!

As I mentioned in my last post, I have managed to do a little bit of crafting and have grand plans for some more. During the holidays I have made a Cath Kidson bag from her Sew! book. I was lent the book by a friend and it came with the bag pieces pre-cut. It was the most complicated thing I have made so far as I usually steer clear of such things but now that I have the sewing machine I decided to go for it and was really pleased with the result.


It's not perfect but I was really pleased to have had a go at all the various seams and fixings. The book is brilliant and I have added it (and the other 2 books in the series) to my Amazon wishlist because they contain lots of helpful tips and also lots of great little projects. Don't ask why a butternut squash decided to get itself into this photo......... And just to be clear, I had permission to make the bag! (I've just re-read what I've written and it does look like I've cheeked someone out of the chance to make it).

I have also made a mug hug because I was looking for something really quick and easy to occupy myself one evening.

It's a great way to use up scraps of wool and I've decided to try and make some that say               "Best Teacher" on them for the end of the summer term (I like to plan ahead!) because I think wrapped around a cheap mug filled with goodies they'd be great teacher presents.

I also received a wonderful homemade gift at the weekend from my favourite (!) niece in the form of this beautiful crocheted brooch

We're a clever lot in this family, aren't we?
So onwards and upwards. I've started making a cushion for a birthday present, I also finished some lovely hanging hearts over the weekend - why are they so appealing? Hanging hearts in any colour with all many of embellishments draw my constant attention for some reason. I'll post photos later in the week.
And finally, I would just like to highlight that since starting this blog, I have found myself almost addicted to reading other peoples blogs. How much time can be spent following links to other sites which you also want to read regularly? My favourites list in almost unmanageable. I think to myself that I'll just catch up on a couple of sites and before you know it the dinner is burnt and the kids are late for all many of afterschool clubs. I need to employ some better time management I think.
On that note, I think I can smell something burning......
Love Natalie



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  1. Having seen the bag in the flesh I can confirm that it is beautiful and definitely needs to have the Cath Kidson label sewn on to it!! As you know I love the mug hug, but where are these hearts that you talk about I have yet to see them!

    I too have been engulfed by the world of blogging and think that it is truly wonderful!!