Thursday, 11 October 2012

Because Christmas is approaching, I am doing even more crafting than normal, making cushions, scarves, wrist warmers and present labels. But I also seem to do lots of "craft" in normal life from everyday cooking (the majority of which is from scratch) to sewing Cubs and Beavers labels onto uniforms. Lots of people think they are not really keen on homemade crafts whilst doing quite a lot everyday. According to recent research (, 7 out of 10 people don't know how to sew on a button - this seems incredible really (and makes me wonder what they teach in textiles theses days) but maybe we all need to take a bit of responsibility for this having happened, since fewer and fewer people care about passing on such basic skills. With 3 sons, I'm unlikely to be able to pass on any sewing or knitting skills (although they have all had a go at knitting at one time or another) but I'm keen to help others with daughters to teach them these skills. There are some fantastic knitting kits available at the moment which include all you need to make hats, scarves or gloves. Toft Alpaca have some lovely sets and their wool is beautifully soft. Perhaps we should all buy these kits as gifts for the girls (and boys?) this Christmas? Let me know what you think!
Love Natalie

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