Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Like every good Mum with a few dodgy bananas to hand, I made this lovely Banana and Chocolate Chip cake last night. I was determined to get it right this time - I made one last week that didn't go down very well. But lasts nights efforts were a great success. The recipe is all thanks to , a fantastic site that deserves lots of credit for some of the cooking that I have done of late. Comment below if you would like the recipe. As soon as I make them again, I will also feature their Cake in a Cup recipe which was delicious.
As a total aside, could I just draw your attention to squirrels? Not only are they EVERYWHERE at the moment but I think they may be trying to tell us something. My children are going hunting for conkers after school because the squirrels in our garden have pinched the lot! Are we in for a really bad winter? Is squirrel Armageddon looming? Something's not right, that's for sure. And they are tormenting the dogs to boot!
Time for coffee and banana cake - whilst watching the pesky squirrels through the window.....
love Natalie

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  1. Did you really have cake for breakfast Mrs Jones??? You know my feelings on the local squirrels, that they are secret agent sent out with the only purpose of tormenting my dog and sending him into a completely mental state! Curse you squirrels!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Would love the banana cake recipe and desperately want to try the cake in a cup one too!!!