Friday, 5 October 2012

Meet Mickleham Bear. He was made by my husbands late grandmother when she was in a nursing home back in the early eighties. After a couple of decades in the loft, he was discovered by my youngest son nearly a year ago and has been much adored (again) since. However, he was in quite a sorry state when we found him so some homemade repairs were called for. Initially, I just knitted him the jumper and scarf to hold all of his body parts together, but late night cuddles have taken their toll and I was awoken by a distressed 7 year old at the weekend holding all of Mickleham's internal organs in his hand! I have now replaced his main body piece with new felt and squeezed the stuffing back in so all is well. It's lovely that such an old toy is still bringing so much pleasure (although I can't help but think of Trigger from Only Fools and Horse's who had the same broom for his entire road sweeping career - he only replaced the handle and the head a few dozen times.....). I was asked by a friend to repair her sons Golly Teddy this week because he quite literally needed a facelift, so that's 2 boys who are sleeping soundly in their beds again. It's wonderful to be able to fix and repair rather than dispose and replace things - that can't be a bad lesson to teach the children.
That's getting a bit deep for me, I best be off!
Love Natalie

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  1. And I love the fact that you have left him with one ear!!!!!!!!