Monday, 22 October 2012

Ta da! This is a picture of the Pithivier I made on Saturday night - I had never even heard of it until the Great British Bake Off final but it will be added to my repertoire of recipes. It was delicious! It has a little room for improvement - the filling (chicken and chorizo with onions, peppers and sliced new potatoes) was a little dry. I layered everything and I wonder if it would be better mixed. And adding some creme fraiche to make a "sauce" might be better. I will make some changes to it next time and keep you posted as its improves. Of course, if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them so comment below if you think you know how it could be made even better. One day, when it is only me and BFF eating, I'll make a spinach and ricotta one which I already know will be really scrummy!
From a craft point of view, it has been a weekend not so much of doing as of considering. My Mum and I spent an awfully long time pouring over new magazines to get ideas and manhandling new christmas decorations, pointing out how we could make them and/or improve them. Consequently, the list of projects I want to be getting on with has just got longer (literally - my ideas book is overflowing!).
On a really positive note, during a very enjoyable shopping trip with a friend on Saturday, I  completed most of my Christmas shopping............That won't make me popular, so best sign off I think!
Love Natalie

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  1. We ate the pithivier with HP brown sauce and I thought it was one of the most delicious things I have ever had!!!!!!