Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I'm in one of those predicaments at the moment where I know what I need but I just can't find it. I'm after a piece of material in a particular colour with a certain pattern - but don't ask me what it is! A very good neighbour and friend allowed me to rummage in her bowl of scraps yesterday - this is a photo of the gorgeous fabrics I had to choose from! I selected about a dozen patches/scraps for my future use, though I can't say that any of the ones I picked is the one I'm looking for. Never mind, the hunt continues but in the meantime I spent a glorious half hour or so running these fabrics through my hands thinking of all the possibilities.
Another Christmas present was completed last night (I can't obviously discuss in too much detail in the case the recipient is reading!) before I dosed off in front of the telly. I'm looking forward to the weekend when (aside from attending the Halloween party of the year) I will definitely be making time to sit at the sewing machine. It's Wednesday already, so I think its perfectly acceptable to be talking about the weekend!
I'm blogging slightly early today, which is likely to make me slightly late for dog walking - best be off!
Love Natalie

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