Friday, 26 October 2012

I'm sorry for the lack of photo introduction today - I had a lovely picture of the man-made (as in made by a man) craft that has been happening in my house this week but the man involved seems to have deleted the picture. When I can get hold of him to find out what he's done with it, I'll try and post it. To give you some idea, there's a big thing going on with parachute cord around these parts at the moment. Ever the boy scout, James insists that he must be prepared for any failings of his parachute cord and therefore needs 6-8 feet of the stuff coiled around his wrist at all times! In the form of a fetching bracelet you understand. I'm not really mocking - it actually is rather good and has set the boys into a frenzy of making their own, which is great. I have also been given a lovely keyring made of the cord as well. There are lots of videos on the net showing you how to make the bracelets and/or "Monkey Fists" which are small balls that look similar to a type of nautical rope ball that I've seen used as a doorstop somewhere. You can buy the cord cheaply enough from eBay as I understand it, if your children/nominated parachutist want to have a go - I think the boys want to make some as Christmas gifts for their friends which is nice. And a homemade keyring will always go down well as a teachers gift.
For everyones benefit (but mainly my own) I also wanted to document my To Do list for next week as I will not be working. It reads as follows (so far):
  • Finish Christmas lavender bags - I've started so many other things, I'd forgotten I'd started these
  • Make patchwork panel for a cushion for my bedroom
  • Finish birthday presents that I've made for 2 girlfriends
  • Acquire fabric for a cushion to be made as a gift
  • Make present tags
  • Get mum to show my how to sew up the panels on a knitted cushion I've made
  • Plan Christmas cushions
I think I could go on but had better stop - if I manage to do all this whilst also entertaining the boys I'll be pleased! I just need to resist sitting at the computer really - reading other  peoples fascinating blogs makes time zoom by and though they are often inspirational, they can suck you in for hours. So, I'm off for a quick flick through pinterest, then I'll crack on......
Love Natalie

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  1. I love the parachute cord bracelets they are such a good idea for boys!