Monday, 8 October 2012

Don't turn away - this is still a craft blog! This picture is of a CAKE! An edible football. It is George's birthday this week and as usual, Auntie Sarah has excelled herself and created a football cake. Cake decorating is a craft skill that eludes me - I won't pretend it's something I practise often, it all seems too fiddly to me. But I need not worry as my sister-in-law has never disappointed in her creations, despite being asked to make all sorts of cakes from Teepee's to Tardis's. A red velvet cake accompanied the football but was eaten before I had time to take a photo!
I have managed to squeeze in some crafting this weekend, mostly preparation for pieces to work on in front of the telly during the week. I will reveal all as items are completed.
Love Natalie

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  1. Having seen this in the flesh I can vouch that it is truly amazing!!!!